General Questions

Q: What makes an InstaTrike, MiniTrike and MicroMini different from other trike conversions?

A: The Insta Trike, Mini Trike and MicroMini allow the owner to attach and use the kit without having to make permanant and expensive alterations to your motorcyce or scooter.

Q: Will the Insta Trike, Mini Trike or Micro Mini affect my gas mileage or ground clearance?

A: With the Insta Trike, Mini Trike or Micro Mini there is no loss of ground clearance and has minimal impact on fuel economy.

Q: Can I install a InstaTrike, Mini Trike or Micro Mini myself?

A: The InstaTrike, Mini Trike and Micro Mini when ordered, comes with instructions for a fast and easy installation.

Q: What size wheels come on the Insta Trike and Mini Trike?

A: The Insta Trike and Mini Trike can be ordered with standard 8 inch wheels or deluxe 12 inch aluminum wheels.

Q: Can I have my Insta Trike, Mini Trike or Micro Mini kit installed by a professional?

A: Sure! Your kit can be installed by a Tow-Pac Tech or a Tow-Pac Dealer , however price may vary (please check with the specific Dealer or Tow-Pac Tech for specific information).

Q: Can I get the kit and fenders painted to match my motorcycle or scooter?

A: fenders come in fiberglass black gel coat only which can be used as is or painted to match your motorcycle. Tow-Pac, Inc does not offer color matching/painting services.